This summer’s vacation didn’t actually start in Slovenia, the initial plan was Dalmatia but the heat, crowds and bad hospitality drove us out of there the next day. Where to go? what to do? One thing was certain, Dalmatia is great but definitely not in July or August. Escape to Soča Valley seemed logical, it’s 3.5h drive from Zagreb and we have never been there before. It proved to be one of the best decisions this year!

Soča Valley provides everything that active traveler wants, from kayaking to all sorts of other alpine experiences. The source of this pristine beauty is in Triglav National Park, precisely Trenta Valley, and after about 140km it runs into the Adriatic Sea. We camped out by the river in Trenta at reasonable cost, other options are also available. Prior to the World War 1, Soča marked natural border between Kingdom of Italy and Austro-Hungarian Empire which unfortunately led to one of the bloodiest battles in Europe that lasted more than 2 years and took 500.000 casualties. Today memory remains in the form of tourist attractions such as museums and fortresses.

The river itself is outstanding, I have never in my life witnessed such clear water. At the source it is ice cold, giving you teeth pain, and it doesn’t warm up much even further down. Don’t make the photos fool you, swimming has been a real challenge, at least for us, trouts didn’t mind. For those who prefer something warmer, check river Nadiža, close to Kobarid, similar experience but much warmer. Another great spot for swimming in the area is Lago di Predil, recommended by my friends Joži and Manca who we met there for an afternoon chill. On the way back we found out about the road to Mangard saddle and decided to return the next day. It is the highest road in Slovenia, taking you 2055m above sea level through some magnificent scenery and a must stop at the nearby sheep farm for fresh cheese snack.

We saved the best for last, and hiked from Trenta to Triglav lakes. Speechless!

Enjoy the photos.