Colleague from Iglu Šport, Krešo, invited me to come along with his hiking club “Kapela” to Zavižan on Northern Velebit. I never went to an organized hiking trip before, heck, the last time I did an organized bus tour was in high school some 15 years ago, so why not.

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Rossi’s in winter

Winter hike to Rossi’s shelter via Premužić trail has been on my wish list for a long time. The terrain in Northern Velebit is very inaccessible, especially in winter because it gets the biggest amount of snow in the country, plus the weather can change instantly, making things even more difficult. So, it was a challenge!

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Autumn on Velebit

Two weeks ago we set off to Prokletije mountains in Montenegro but my car had broken down on the way and I had to tow it back for a repair. Unfortunately, cars are not like wine, so I wasn’t in the mood for pushing the luck with my aged Astra for another long journey. We opted for something closer instead, and Velebit is just gorgeous at this time of year. Southern Velebit got two really nice mountain shelters recently so the plan was to check them out and enjoy the foliage.

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Drill and Chill festival

Drill and chill is a festival near Banja Luka in Bosnia that gathers climbing and highlining community from all over the world. This year I was invited to tell a story through my photographs, and to have some fun myself. With climbing I am obviously very familiar but highlining is something totally new for me,  with my experience limited only to 15 meters on the ground, just standing up on those monster lines seemed impossible. I didn’t actually bother much, rather focused on the photographs. Read more “Drill and Chill festival”


Soča Valley

This summer’s vacation didn’t actually start in Slovenia, the initial plan was Dalmatia but the heat, crowds and bad hospitality drove us out of there the next day. Where to go? what to do? One thing was certain, Dalmatia is great but definitely not in July or August. Escape to Soča Valley seemed logical, it’s 3.5h drive from Zagreb and we have never been there before. It proved to be one of the best decisions this year!

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Mateja and I just got back from Laos. We went to rural north of the country which is famous for many picturesque villages, Mekong river and its pearl, Luang Prabang. 19th century French colonialism gave Luang Prabang charming European look that goes really well with numerous Buddhist temples, therefore it was worthily put on UNESCO World Heritage list.
Local street vendors sell Lao food on the night market while French style cafes offer baguettes, toast sandwiches and croissants. Apart from food, the night market offers many local handcrafts, souvenirs and, sadly, even ivory. Read more “Laos”


Christmas on Velebit

Most of the people spend Christmas time at home which goes in favor for those who seek tranquility in nature. Mateja and I had taken advantage of that and headed to Northern Velebit National Park, the weather was nothing like late December and we were able to reach Zavižan by car. From there we hiked via Premužić trail to Rossi hut. Read more “Christmas on Velebit”



Ten sunny days on the most perfect boulders you can imagine, scattered around the valley and shaded by Chestnut trees at peak foliage colors. Above them only snowy mountain tops and endless blue sky. One can only ask if there is anything better in life? Read more “Ticino”


Magic Wood

Magic Wood is located in southeast Switzerland and for the last two decades it has been on a wishlist of every boulderer in the world. The quality of climbing totally lives up to its reputation, offering some of the best climbing imaginable. Most of the climbers stay at Bodhi campsite which is pretty much basic, but at reasonable cost. From there its only a few minutes walk across the river and you’re in paradise. Read more “Magic Wood”